Photography finds life when mind, heart and eye comes together to create a meaning…

In 1964 I was born on a hot summer day in Bursa Turkey. After studying business, my passion for art took me away to different places with different winds. After taking one year of theatre education, I began to shape my life perspective at Bursa Fine Arts Gallery by having 2 years of education on art. Later, my new hobby was taking black and white photographs by using old fashioned cameras. In a small corner of my house, I made a darkroom to print my own photos and made albums of my collections. To achieve the academic career in art I have won the fine arts exams in 1988 however at the same time I was working over a year already at a local newspaper as co- graphic designer. I decided to continue my job instead. Because, in those days I had a feeling that I had to earn money, be part of the media and to throw myself into life before it was too late. In summary, since that day, I have done newspaper graphic design, monthly newspaper prints, publishing/broadcasting managing, photography, editing and magazine designs, catalog designs, designs that brings out firm’s image, item ads, city emblems, billboards and etc. for about 28 years of experience.
I’ve been living in USA for 14 years. I was never able to erase my passion for photography. I felt the need to catch up to the new technology so I started to work on my skills and taught myself more. I enjoy taking little pieces of pixels from different screens from the most colorful cities in United States and putting them together in a window. I feel the excitement for the past 10 years with the technology I am learning in photography and in my photos.

Even though it was little late, videography and editing videos have also added extra excitement, voice and liveliness to my life for the past couple years. When the time comes and when I want to find a story and a name for a film, the inspiration will be from the purity of the black and whites photos, that mystery in a sunset and from the harmony of the colors on a rainbow.

Photography is not a coincidence, it finds life when mind, heart and the eye lines up back to back and creates a meaning.